多喝水真的会变年轻?这妹子试了下 结果……
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曾经有这样一则新闻:英国42岁的萨拉?史密斯(Sarah Smith),因长期头疼和消化不良而去咨询神经科医师和营养师。结果二人均建议她每天喝够三升水。萨拉于是遵循医嘱并开始记录自己喝水前后的变化。

There was

曾经有这样一则新闻:英国42岁的萨拉?史密斯(Sarah Smith),因长期头疼和消化不良而去咨询神经科医师和营养师。结果二人均建议她每天喝够三升水。萨拉于是遵循医嘱并开始记录自己喝水前后的变化。
There was a news that Sara Smith (Sarah Smith), 42, consulted neurologists and dietitians for long headaches and indigestion. As a result, two per person suggested that she drink enough three liters of water a day. Sara followed the doctor's advice and began to record his changes before and after drinking water.
Four weeks later, Sara was pleasantly surprised to find that her appearance and mental state were quite different. Four weeks ago, she had pouches, dark circles, wrinkles and erythema on her face, and her complexion was very poor. Now these symptoms have greatly improved, and the symptoms of headache have also eased. She looks like a changed person.
And there is a picture of the truth:

After reading this news, I believe that many of my sisters, like me, suddenly realize that my skin is not good enough to drink too much water. OK, drink and drink! From then on to white rich beauty out of the road man! There is a sister in foreign countries called Chelsea. After reading countless magazines and listening to countless women who claim to drink more water, they begin to go to battle to test the concrete effects of drinking water.
First, the sister wants to determine how much water she should drink. The current rule is eight glasses of water a day, but according to the medical website WebMD, half of the weight is taken as a daily amount of water, such as a person's weight of 100 pounds (about 90 Jin), and then the daily amount of drinking water is 50 ounces. So my sister added an extra ounce of water on this basis.
总结起来就是:1. 以最宽泛的饮水标准坚持一个月。2. 运动后额外增加1~2杯水。3. 每周素颜拍照一次。
Sum up is: 1. adhere to the most extensive drinking water standards for one month. 2. extra 1~2 cups of water after the exercise. Take a photo of 3. weekly.
This is the look of the first day of the sister's experiment.

A week later:

The appearance did not change much, but the sister felt differently. It may be a coincidence, but my sister feels more energetic when she exercises. In addition to drinking water, in addition to urinate a bit annoying, my sister found his hangover reaction is also good, and now every time with his boyfriend out to a party, crazy drinking, second days when the body's suffering a lot of relief.
Two weeks later:

It looks as if it's worse. WHF?! Sister: there is a feeling of being deceived.
Three weeks later:

After four weeks:

His face looks tired and his acne is even stronger. But my sister feels very good. Her body has been used to a lot of water. My sister noticed that if you didn't drink regularly on time, you would become very thirsty, as if your brain had been trained to tell you what your body needs.
最后,妹子的总结是:1. 喝水会使宿醉反应变好1000倍;2. 平均2个小时要尿一次挺烦;3.多喝水并没有让自己变成一个光芒四射的女神;4. 好想找那些所有宣称多喝水就能变漂亮的杂志和明星要钱啊!
Finally, my sister's summary is: 1. drinking water will make a 1000 times the reactivity of the hangover; 2. an average of 2 hours to make a lot of urine; 3. water does not make himself a shining goddess; 4. want to find all the magazines and stars who claim to drink more water will be able to change beautiful magazines and stars for money ah!
A supplement to small nine
Human aging is determined by many factors, such as the regularity of daily life, health, diet, and age. Drinking water alone can make a person ten years younger, which is theoretically impossible. If drinking water is really young, does it mean that all the skin care products and cosmetics can be lost, the cosmetic hospital can also go bankrupt, just drink water every day? There may be an example of a change in the beauty of drinking water, but it is really just an example, with a photograph taken under different light, so it is hard to say that it is a method for everyone. Now look back at the picture in the news. The little nine of conspiracy theory has some doubts about the second pictures.
"I drink water every day, why skin still dry, wrinkles or so clearly pinched", first of all, drinking water is a way to keep the effect of long-term persistence; secondly, the human body drinking water can only make skin no longer dry to a certain extent, but it does not remove the effect of wrinkles.
But do not ignore the important role of water on the skin. Water is very important to human skin and health. It can not only enhance the body's gastrointestinal motility, but also get rid of the fat yoke. At the same time, it can calm the mood and prevent periodontitis. This is why in the autumn and winter, when skin is dry, various skin problems such as wrinkles, spots and so on appear one after another.

Another point, small nine to remind the general love of beauty: drink water must be appropriate, excessive water not only can not reach the beauty of beauty, in the past, may also cause serious injury to the body. Eight cups of water every day. At any time, "drinking plenty of water" does not mean "playing with your life and drinking water". Although relatively rare among healthy people, the risk of drinking water is greater than that of the kidneys.
Adequate drinking water is a part of healthy life, but it can only play a supporting role in medical treatment. Drinking water is not the ultimate answer to all health worries or even worries. The idea of "detoxification", "beauty", "weight loss" and "cure hypertension" are all unreliable.